Heavy, negative balance sheet of this jungle of birds of prey

A waste because tomorrow we belong only to fate!
A waste not to say today I love you!
A waste to risk, to expose oneself for a feeling of seconds!
It is a huge waste to cheat and play serious, Christian, very religious!
A waste of false chastity as people steal, cheat and kill!
It is a waste of time and money, but a mask of pomp and circumstance when one kills by reckless acts, irresponsible by sadism!
A waste of preaching democracy with a gun in your hand, at close range, ready to kill!
A waste of preaching peace by exporting war weapons to kill life!
Raptor jungle, corrupt, materialistic, racist, polluter!
Faced with Sudan, the hurricane with the force of nature no great power,
than vermin, pretentious, complex, racist, dumb, dumb, pathetic!
God, what will you be reborn with?
Yet yesterday was Christmas past!
When will you come back to put out flames of fire?
Kaiser ilus

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